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Thank you for your interest in being a thought leader and sharing your knowledge at our 2022 conference! This year, our attendees spoke and we are listening. They want real solutions to address current real-world issues.


Theme: NOW MORE THAN EVER  Business driven, people focused



  1. People

  2. DEI & Belonging

  3. Employment Law


Deadline for Submission

All information requested is required and must be submitted no later than
Friday, January 7, 2022, in order to be considered. Please continue reading prior to submitting your information.



We value all speakers and will carefully review and consider all submissions. You will be notified during December if you have been selected. If you are not selected for this upcoming year, we encourage you to submit your proposal for the following year.


How to Submit

Continue reading and submit your information at the bottom of the page.



All presentations must be address topics that are aligned with one our three tracks (People, DEI & Belonging or employment Law). Our attendees want to walk away with actionable steps that they can implement in their workplaces. Therefore, this year we request that you identify three (3) actionable steps or takeaways that attendees can clearly understand, articulate and implement in their workplaces.


Hot Topics

Below are hot topics identified by our attendees through a survey. Titles are provided as a guide, you are welcome to submit your own title ideas that address the hot topic or similar topics.

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The following audiovisual equipment will be supplied by the Conference:
•    LCD projector and screen
•    Laptop – PC
•    Podium with wired microphone (depending on room size)
•    Head table with wired microphone (depending on room size)
•    Sound patch to room's speaker system
If you have additional audio-visual requests beyond what Washington State SHRM provides, you will responsible for all related costs to add the item(s). Additional information will be made available to selected presenters.

Before completing this form please ensure you have reviewed the 2022 conference vision details.

I understand that unless approved by Washington State SHRM, I will not receive compensation or reimbursement of expenses for my appearance and presentation at the 2022 Washington State SHRM Employment Law and Human Resources Conference currently scheduled to be held in Bellevue, WA on March 11, 2022. I also understand that Washington State SHRM is not responsible for shipping and/or printing charges related to my presentation for the conference, pre-conference webinars or pre-conference workshops.
If selected, I agree to adhere to the schedule established by Washington State SHRM and to comply with all requirements set forth in this Speaker Interest Form and any other future Washington State SHRM communication.

I understand that Washington State SHRM may elect to move to a virtual conference format, should the COVID-19 pandemic prohibit Washington State SHRM's ability to hold an in-person conference safely.
I understand that my workshop cannot be used as a showcase for my business, practice, product or service and I agree that I will not promote my products or services during my workshop. My presentation will not include my business logo, except in the footer of my presentation and/or handouts. I will provide my contact information for participants to contact me at the end of my presentation. I also agree to be positive or remain neutral in my comments about SHRM, Washington State SHRM and possible workshop sponsor(s) during my workshop.
I hereby grant my consent and agree to allow my presentation to be copied electronically by Washington State SHRM and/or the Washington State SHRM Conference Planner. It will be made available by the 2022 Washington State SHRM Employment Law and HR Conference to their attendees via PDF download from the 2022 Washington State SHRM Employment Law and Human Resources Conference website and may also be distributed electronically. To the extent permitted by law, I also agree to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the 2022 Washington State SHRM Employment Law and Human Resources Conference, its committee members and officers, for any claims, losses, or damages to persons or property, government fines or charges, and costs (including reasonable attorney's fees), arising out of or in connection with my role as a presenter.

Click here to submit your information. If you have any trouble with the form or have questions please let us know.